RUPa art, inc ~ debra lacey | About

Artist Debra Lacey brings decades of international experience as a dancer and choreographer to her photographic work.

Debra moved from New York City to Las Vegas in 2004 where she continued to perform and choreograph, and also began earnestly to apply an intuitive visual talent, honed over years in the art world, to all aspects of the picture making process.

"When I photograph people, I want them to experience themselves in ways differently than they normally would.  I want them to feel free to move in their body and to intuitively sense the light and the eye of the camera enveloping them.  I want them to savor a connection to the process that is happening around them; that is created for them. Ultimately to be artful, and allow the actions of the moment to create imagery that is unique and true."

Debra, moved to California in October of 2013.  RUPa art, inc has continued to refine and grow since then in the beauty of the Southern California area.

The expression of my Art is RUPa.
Rupa is a word that means form and beauty.