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Photos for Publication

Explorations of the four states of matter: solid, liquid, gas, and plasma, from the chapter, "Cosmic Plasma Echoing in (Our) Place." Published in Geographies of Us: Ecosomatic Essays and Practices Pages.

Infusing Modern Movement

The four images below demonstrate four specific modern movements: contraction, shift of weight, high release, and spiral. I am designing a ballet barre and floor practice that uses these foundational pillars as the basis for a new approach in the classroom that will endow dancers with a multitude of textures to serve their artistic voice.

Calla Lily Project

To me, the calla lily is a most elegant and beautiful flower. For years I have grown them in my own garden and photographed them regularly. As time has passed, I have become even more enamored with their beauty. I decided to use them to stimulate a series of photos. I fashioned a costume, placed my camera on timed shutter release, and created the images below.


White Veil

I have always been fascinated how marble can be chiseled to evoke soft, flowing fabric. This inspired my choice to veil the simplicity of the body in a fabric that conferred texture and beauty. At a quick glance, I imagine the fabric as marble.  

Replacement Veil.jpg
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